Apple Springs 2018-2019 School Supply List

Please select the link below to view the Primary and Elementary School Supply List.

Primary and Elementary School Supply List

7th and 8th Grade MATH Supply List

  • a three ring binder (3 or 4 inch) dedicated to Math ONLY
  • 2 pkg of 6 plastic dividers (without pockets)
  • 1 plastic folder with brads and pockets
  • 3-4 packages of COLLEGE RULE Notebook paper
  • 1 COLLEGE RULE Spiral notebook (80 to 100 pages is enough)
  • enough #2 pencils (or Mechanical pencils) to last the entire year
  • 1 long ruler with both customary and metric measures
  • 1 protractor with a "swing arm" for easy measurement

Jr High and High School SCIENCE Supply List

All students will need to have:

3-ring binder (2") for science only

Dividers (pack of 5)

Loose leaf Paper

Spiral (70 sheets will work, however more may need to be purchased throughout the year).

Blue/Black pen for assignments, pencil if in Chemistry and red for grading

Ear buds

***Each student enrolled in Biology, Chemistry, or Forensics will need to purchase at least 2 rolls of paper towels and 1 box of nitrile gloves.