5 Tips for Choosing a College Major*

1. Combine your talents and your interests to find a great match. Take the career inventory and ASVAB tests seriously and use your results to help you pick a career and the discipline you should study.

2. Having more than one major can make college more interesting and help you get a job, too! The US Department of Education found that the number of students pursueing double majors jumped more than 70% in the last decade. Consider an advanced degrees increase job prospects.

3. It's OK not to know. Most universities don't require you to choose a major until the end of your sophomore year.

4. A liberal arts education is a great foundation for anything. Employers are looking for problem solvers.

5. Your college major does not define or limit your career choices. For example, you don't need to major in Biology to go to medical school.

*Taken from a publication of SMU